SAFARĪYAH - 30 ml.

SAFARĪYAH - 30 ml.

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Delphine Thierry, 2014-2016

“Live the beauty”

Safari imparts the morning hours, as a female beauty wakes up her male companion up by kissing him and kindly slapping his face. A musky smell of mangos and red tangerine from her breath lingers upon his sandy face, while the drops from the morning dew slides off the leaves on a magnolia bush. They discover sufficient supplies of tropical fruit as they wander into jungle right behind the cast away beach.

Sweet as unexpected morning kisses.

Synthetic Notes: Okoumal, nectaryl, cosmone, magnolane, kohinool

Head Notes: Tropical fruity notes, litchee, red tangerine

Hearth Notes: Milk, floral neroli

Base Notes: Sandalwood, musk