As the first ever Norwegian perfume brand, we are the result of five years of hard work to create an outstanding collection of scents and smells that you can truly fall in love with. We look to create artistic, authentic and stunning scents that are going to help fit with just about any personality. There is something for everyone with!
Everything is hand-made by a confessed scent-junkie, trying to capture that high-class elegance that every scent should help us to carry. Regardless of personality or intent, we’ll help you to find a smell that accurately portrays who you are and how you wish to come across. 
It can be an excellent way to help showcase your depth and authenticity to someone, or to help complete a visual look with the pre-requisite scent. In our perfumes, we always try to imbue each with that proper Norse Viking spirit, adding a combative and entrancing smell that is sure to attract the looks and thoughts of any passers-by.
Every part of the process here is self-taught, built upon the foundations of a love of scent. Now, is looking to move from beyond the shores of Norway to help the rest of the world carry that Viking charm and spirit wherever they can. With 100% belief in our products and the knowledge that everything is made independent of any interjection or ideal, we ensure our products are uniquely our own.
If you are looking for a means of finding a more intimate and interesting look at the world of fragrance, then I welcome you to the Malbrum tribe. Should you have any questions or queries about our products or our fragrances, then please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. We would love to help you find that perfect scent that you feel best portrays you as a person.
We look forward to hearing from you and how your own journey of discovery brought you to our wonderful, high-class scents! 


Thanks a bunch for filling that out. It means a lot to us, just like you do! We really appreciate you giving us a moment of your time today. Thanks for being you.