"Laden with smoky incense, oriental balsams and woods, they were polar opposite to the marine and ozonic fragrances other designers were making at the time. Resins and incense feature prominently in today’s niche perfumes but few of them have the same DNA these Gucci fragrances shared. Tom Ford had a unique knack for injecting raunch into the classic Italian brand and this spirit filtered through the clothes and his fragrances. For me, the same precarious balance is present in Tigre du Bengale. The fragrance oozes sex appeal but there is also something classic and gentlemanly underpinning it, which prevents it from feeling crass. Tigre du Bengale is an extroverted fragrance. Tigers are known for their stealth but this is one Bengal tiger that walks proudly in the jungle, letting everyone know that he is on approach." -Clayton Ilolahia, Read full review here


"I found Tigre du Bengale to be a lot of fun to wear with the different accords Mme Thierry used throughout. I think it is one of the better leather fragrances I’ve tried recently." Read full review here

Når norske menn lager parfyme - så lukter det HELT fantastisk! Duftmerket @malbrum er vår nye nasjonale skatt.

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