Albert Hoffman - The pioneer of psychoactive research.

Far from everyone, but still many I guess, know that he was working with specific ergot alkaloids in the end of the 1930´s. His employer Sandoz Labs, wanted him to cure migraine. But November 16 1938, he gave birth to a far cooler molecule. Which just so happens to still be the most hallucinogenic drug known to man. Seriously?
Well, he didn't know that yet. But he found out when he had accidentally dropped a solid quarter of a milligram of the LSD, which kicked in while bicycling home from work.
Then Timothy Leary and him, in spite of its potency and unknown risks, started dropping the drug. Like big time. Even after the Schedule A ban.
Courageously so.
Contrary to assertions, however, he did not regret his discovery. No great scientist known to history can have been less fanatical or more serene. He was always a humanist committed to the spirit. He chose to continue the experimental ingesting of the substance for the rest of his life, and he got to spend well over 102 years on this earth.